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TOUCHandGoreality collective has the following targets:

    1. Recycling and revitalizing places (buildings, public spaces, landscapes….) through the body´s direct experience and these places´ expanded perception as creative tools.

    2. Continuously re-thinking, recording and expanding reality in order to detect new areas of opportunity and potential.

    3. Fostering social engagement and appreciation of human potential through citizen involvement in certain cultural and recreational processes or events.

    4. Generating knowledge from experimental investigation (both theoretical and practical) and its documentation.

    5. Generating projects, objects or pieces as a result of the previous points´ development.

    6. Creating an interdisciplinary and international network which, regarding the previous points, could expand creative horizons, fields of action and innovative tools used in city or landscape actions.


    The collective is open to develop the following projects:

    1. Temporary occupation, intervention or re-use as public spaces for buildings which have fallen into disuse

    2. Instruction manuals for changing or obsolete spaces

    3. Projects, objects or particular pieces which, based on interdisciplinary and hybrid processes closely related to re-vitalizing places, result from innovative methodologies or formats and their relevant field work

    4. Movements or programs` management entailing alternative practices in urban or landscape wandering, as well as their documentation

    5. Workshops


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